Wedding Gown — Meet & Greet

We'll be able to take a look at your wedding gown (or evening gown) and walk you through exactly how we plan to take care of it when it's in our care—including how we'll protect fine details (bead work, embroidery, etc) and how our process is different from everyone else.

Tailoring & Alterations

Don't worry you're in great hands. Our Master Tailors and Seamstresses are on-site and have decades of experience in extremely detailed clothing. From jeans to suits to evening gowns, we're well suited to the task.

Large Order/Movie Production

We've done work for Arrow, Star Trek, The Man in The High Castle, Cirque Du Soleil and so many more organizations that we're very familiar with the process, protocol and no matter how detailed or large the order—our quality is never compromised.